Inspired by the series "Gallow & Ragged" by Lilith Saintcrow

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For those of you with True Sight, you'd know not to give it away, and those without would never know of me without my wanting you to! You'd simply feel a sudden chill or sense of unease, the hairs on you neck would stand high and you'd not worry over much about it, perhaps a flash of light across the sides of your vision but then gone just as quickly as they'd appeared.
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I would be a wild thing of Winter's Court, made of frost and flame, ice and sky, gems and silken snow.
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containing both the serenity and unyielding beauty of frozen nights, and the brutal fierceness of a raging storm, you'd never be able to tell which one would be delivered to you.
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Glamoured into the mortal realm, you'd see just a plain girl with blue eyes and ashy blonde hair, pale skin dusted with freckles, in jeans and t-shirts for thin for such a cold season yet seemingly untouched by the chill. Would you even see me then?
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Though, neither Queen nor born of crown, I'd still be more powerful than most my kind. A thing most feared, and much reviled, surely attributes to send the Queens of either court ahunting for my head, "else the Puck a liar call".
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I'd dine on fae fruit stolen from Summer, and fresh milk gathered from the mortal realms, granting me power over the Sideways places to travel as I choose across the borders.
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White blue skin, pale icy eyes, lashes gathering snow and frost. Tall and lean, with a voice like a crisp winter breeze. Gowns, skirts, and bodices made of frost and ice, snowflakes and misty Fae Silk, glimmering like jewels fallen from the sky. But you'll never hear my True Name, for Names have power, and I'd not so lightly give mine away!