I`m not scard to be lonely because I know it`s a part of my life. ~Andjeli. R

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Sometimes I think how gonna be my life in the future, will be the same as now or totally different. Do I actually have a future? Still I don not hope. How further you go in life, how more problems, loneliness and worry.

Loneliness just belong to my life. This part of my life grew up from the moment I went to school. Everyone had a good friend, but first I had to try to become friends with myself. WhenI tried to make friends, someone in my head said: "why are you still trying?, you are weird and different." How further I came into my life I realized this belong to my life. Whether I will ever accept, is the question to my life in the future, if I will have it.

Accepting is difficult as living.

- Andjeli