When i think of my perfect sunday it'll consist a good book, cosy blanket, a cup of coffee and some music. Rainy wheater to top it off and i'll be the happiest i'll ever be.

autumn image book, photography, and reading image Inspiring Image on We Heart It rain, bed, and room image
  • One | Ed Sheeran
  • You Let Me Walk Alone | Michael Schulte
  • Let her go | Pessenger
  • Wicked Game | Peter and Kerry
Temporarily removed girl, sleep, and bed image
  • Sweetest Thing | Allman Brown
  • Beneath Your Beautiful | Labarinth, Emily Sandé
  • Forest Fires | Axel Flovent
  • Sign of times | Harry Styles
lol, love u, and rain image rain, book, and autumn image
  • Clown | Emily Sandé
  • Nicotine | Chef'Special
  • Half the World Away | AURORA
  • I'm Her | Ji Nilsson
aesthetic, autumn, and cafe image autumn, fall, and pumpkin image
  • Flicker | Niall Horan
  • Sunday Morning | Maroon 5
  • If you wanna love somebody | Tom Odell
  • In My Blood (aucoustic) | Shawn Mendes
sun, sunrise, and sunshine image coffee, aesthetic, and photography image
  • Sweet Creature | Harry Styles
  • Paper Hearts | Niall Horan
  • Empty Space | James Arthur
  • Let it go | James Bay
beautiful, beauty, and Croatia image book, cozy, and coffee image
  • Goodbyes | Jorja Smith
  • Written in the Sand | Old Dominion
  • Hopelessly devoted to you | Olivia Newton-John
  • If I ain't got you | Alicia Keys
cat, book, and tea image couples, cozy, and smiles image
  • Stole the show | Kygo
  • Morning Light | Justin Timberlake
  • When You Love Someone | James TW
  • Too good at goodbyes | Sam Smith


See you soon with another playlist🎶
Much love,
Little Miss