This week we start with Mercury sextiling Pluto on the 22nd. On the 23rd, the Sun moves into Scorpio, before going on to oppose retrograde Uranus.

On the 24th, retrograde Venus sextiles Saturn, followed by the Full Moon (Hunter’s Moon) a few hours later.

At the time of the Full Moon, the Moon will be within a 1-degree conjunction to Uranus and the Sun will be closing in on its conjunction with Venus (3 degrees away).

On the 26th, the Sun conjuncts retrograde Venus, which may cause some of us to project issues from previous relationships onto our partners at this time.

At the same time as the Sun/Venus conjunction, the Moon (emotions) will be opposite Jupiter (expansion) so any problems may be escalated out of proportion now.

On the 27th, the Sun sextiles Saturn, bringing some much-needed stability and patience.

On the 28th, Mercury conjuncts Jupiter and the shadow period for the upcoming Mercury retrograde shadow period starts.

All times Central Standard Time (CST).

Please be aware that for best results you should read your Ascendant sign instead of your Sun (star) sign. If you do not know your ascendant sign, you can find out by requesting a free natal chart at


Over the next month, you are likely to be strongly focused on shared intimacy and finances and possessions. Early in the week, there may be a matter related to your income or finances that comes to a head. Near the end of the week, there may be a tendency to blame a partner for something related to shared resources or sexuality that really has nothing to do with them. Emotions will be high at the time, and prone to over-inflation, but matters should settle down a lot more over the weekend.


Over the next month, your focus will be strongly on your relationships. Early in the week, there is likely to be an issue that comes to a head in some way; quite possibly related to themes of what you give in your partnerships vs how to remain somewhat your own person. You may find yourself bringing up old relationship baggage that has nothing to do with your current partner or situation midweek. The need for you to exert your own individuality is strong at this time and may cause some ripples. The weekend brings a much more serene environment.


Over the next month, you will be giving a lot more thought and attention to your health and fitness and what you do in the workplace. It is likely that changes in these areas of your life are well overdue and that this may become apparent to you in some way early in the week. Taking time out to recharge your batteries will be as important as any change in diet or exercise. Midweek can be an especially emotionally trying time for many people. The weekend brings a lighter tone and a practical and enthusiastic response to problem-solving.


Early in the week, you may have some surprising news, that means making some changes in regards to time spent with a loved one, child or on a creative or sporting project. A friend may need your assistance at this time and you may need to drop some of your commitments to do so. This could lead to trouble with those you love and the situation may come to a head midweek. Try not to project issues that have nothing to do with the current situation onto what is happening. Everyone is likely to be emotional at this time and things can get blown way out of proportion. The weekend sees wiser heads prevailing and a more optimistic approach to problems.


Your home and family are likely to take up the lion’s share of your time over the next month. Changes in the workplace may mean you need to spend more time on your career for a while and cause disruptions at home. Midweek may see a blow-up of this situation. Try not to let previous or similar events color how you approach this. Don’t bring old baggage in that is not applicable to the current situation if possible. The weekend looks to be much more harmonious.


Communications and getting from point A to point B will be a large part of your month ahead. News from overseas, or in relation to higher education, publishing or the law may come as a shock early in the week. This is likely to have you needing to make changes to your day to day activities. Midweek, discussions can get heated, and you may need to watch that you keep on topic. The urge to bring up the past is likely to be strong now, but the situation you are facing is likely to have nothing to do with what issues be dredged up for you now. The weekend is likely to be calm and pleasant, after a somewhat volatile week.


Early in the week, you may have some surprising news in regard to shared money or possessions. This may be related to an inheritance, insurance details, taxation or shared resources with a partner. This may lead to you needing to sort out your own personal finances in some way. Midweek, you may find yourself feeling upset and defensive when it comes to your self-esteem or personal resources. Issues that you have had in the past regarding these topics may creep up to haunt you at this time but are unlikely to be applicable to the current situation. The weekend is likely to see you feeling more secure and comfortable with yourself and your decisions.


You may have some unexpected news from a partner that has an impact on yourself. You may need to change the way you approach the world, how you present yourself or how much autonomy you need in relationships. You may find that your partner or good friends need you to be there for them at this time and that you need to step up to the plate for them and your relationship in some way. This may be a tense situation at the time, but the weekend sees things settling down into a calmer and more manageable manner.


Your work or your health may give you pause for concern early in the week. You may find that you are burning the candle at both ends and that the time has come to get the rest and downtime that you need. Old psychological issues may raise their head midweek, so making sure that you are not projecting your emotional baggage onto others is important at this time. Taking time out and being kind to yourself go a long way, especially over the weekend. The next month is likely to see you taking much more of a backseat in general.


You may have surprising news from a child or lover early in the week. This may mean that you need to make changes in your agreements with friends or groups that you belong to. Another possibility is that this means you need to re-evaluate a dream that you were chasing. This may lead to a blow-up of sorts mid-week. Emotions are likely to be riding high at this time, and it is very easy to bring up old and unrelated subjects at this time. Try to stay focused on what the actual situation demands. The weekend sees you feeling steadier and positive about developments in general.


Changes in your home or with family members may have a ripple effect on your career or public reputation. You may find yourself grappling with problems in the workplace midweek, or with parents or authority figures. If you find yourself dredging up similar situations when something like this occurred and thinking you know just how it will pan out, think again. The weekend is a great time to take some time out to plan how you will approach any upcoming dilemmas.


Early in the week, you may receive some exciting news, possibly via a sibling. This may have an impact on your ability to travel or take up some form of higher learning. Over the next month, you will be very interested in spreading your wings and broadening your horizons in any way possible. Midweek is a time when you may feel like your life philosophies or beliefs are being attacked in some way. This is unlikely to be the case, but you may be responding to ingrained habits then. The weekend looks to be a much more positive time with lots of plans being hatched by you.