In a week, there are around 168 hours, but of course, for the students it doesn't seem enough, because we have other interests and activities that we can't deal with due to how much we have to study.
So, here are some tips which will help you to learn faster.

1. Create a story

This is a great way, that helps me a lot at school. Creating a story can be fun and also, associating the terms from your lessons with different things that you know can be useful

2. Taking short breaks

If you get too much information at one time, you might mix up the terms and forgot what you have to learn, but if you read the lesson once, then you go and eat something, and then go back to learning, you will memorize it faster.

3. Read aloud

I realized that if I read aloud my lesson, I remember better what it was about than if I would read it just in my mind... Maybe this will work at you too.

4. Take some notes by hand

Writing the basics of the lesson will help you learn it faster, because once you know the basics, you just have to remember the rest.

5. Eat some dark chocolate

The dark chocolate stimulates our neurons. Before you start study for an exam or a test, eat some dark chocolate and this will help you to remember what you've learnd the other day.

Hope I helped you with this tips and I want to apologise AGAIN if there are any mistakes, but english is NOT my native language.
Kisses <3