Since it's getting pretty cold here, where I live I decided to show you some of my Favourite songs for this fall/autumn season. I hope you enjoy!


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I feel like this is a very different Sonhg compared to the ones I normally listen to. But I loveeee it

Apricot Princess - Rex Orange County

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I just went to the RexOrangeCounty concert and realised how much I love this song. Everybody was just jumping around.

Consequences (orchestra) - Camila Cabello

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This is a very beautiful and heartbreaking song


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Another very good song that I could listen to all the time

The night we met - Lord Huron

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Ahh this reminds me of Thirteen Reasons Why

Get You The Moon - Kina

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I just found this song and I am in love

All I want - Kodaline

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This is a song that my friend showed me and I think this is jus beautiful

Daddy Issues-The Neighboorhood

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I loveee this band

And of course...
Sweather Weather - The Neighboorhood

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Ahaha this describes my Playlist just perfectly.

so this was my playlist I hope you enjoyed.