Hey, as you may have noticed I like to post article about Zodiac sign, so here another one!


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed alternative, grunge, and indie image forest, nature, and tree image
Grey’s Anatomy / House / Empire / The 100 / Homeland


book, shakespeare, and aesthetic image friends, 90s, and Joey image moon, sun, and truth image and, away, and black image
Gilmore Girls / Friends / Teen Wolf / How To Get Away With Murder / Black-Ish


vampire, lips, and fangs image dragon, black and white, and fantasy image hands, door, and grunge image Mature image
Buffy Against the Slayers / The Walking Dead / Game of Thrones / Vikings / The Night Of


city, DC, and girl image Desperate Housewives, drinking, and fun image Abusive image supernatural, brothers, and car image
Supergirl / Desperate Housewives / iZombie / Supernatural / The Good Fight


Temporarily removed glee, quotes, and sad image veronica mars, text, and kristen bell image unbreakable kimmy schmidt and kimmy schmidt image
Jane the Virgin / Glee / Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt / Veronica Mars / Californication


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Abusive image Temporarily removed
The Originals / Modern Family / Dexter / Scandal / Scrubs


Mature image breaking bad, neon, and better call saul image Temporarily removed Queen, crown, and princess image
Orange Is The New Black / Reign / Better Call Saul / The Vampire Diaries / Parks and Recreation


once upon a time, book, and series image city, travel, and building image bates motel, indie, and aesthetic image glasses, science, and study image
Once upon a Time / Gossip Girl / Orphan Black / The Affair / Bates Motel


grunge, couple, and shameless image misfits, quote, and black and white image coffee, dark, and glasses image black and grunge image
Shameless / Misfits / It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia / Sherlock / Scream Queens


art, dark, and futuristic image black & white, black and white, and gif image Abusive image make, making, and murderer image
Westworld / Atlanta / Lost / Making a Murderer / Arrow


riverdale, pop, and vintage image couple, outlander, and love image quotes, beautiful, and movie image alien, grunge, and Ovni image
Newport Beach / Riverdale / Outlander / Twin Peaks / The X-Files


aesthetic, quote, and secret image arrow, series, and the flash image Temporarily removed aesthetic, blue, and british image
Pretty Little Liars / The Flash / Brooklyn Nine Nine / Ugly Betty / Peaky Blinders

(source: https://www.serieously.com/quelles-series-vous-devez-regarder-en-fonction-de-votre-signe-astrologique/)