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So while I was reading Simon Vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda, I was also reading a book my friend suggested I read, which you can already tell is called This Is Where The World Ends. It’s also a high school type story, but much darker and not something I would usually read but it was surprisingly decent!

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Author: Amy Zhang
Main Genre(s): young adult, drama
Series?: nope
Books in order (only if in series): NA
Rating: 7/10


This book is written in before and after in the two main characters’ perspectives, best friends Janie and Micah. It follows the story of a huge accident: what led up to it, and what happened after. It’s sort of twisted, I guess you can old say, in a way, and it’s really very dark.

Micah has his own friends, and Janie her own, and they don’t reveal their friendship during school or in public. Janie is a wild person, with a creative mind but sometimes cynical and horrible thoughts; Micah is like her rock, always there to support her and her ideas and crazy “stunts”.

But sometimes friendships can’t stay intact for long when other factors and people come into play.

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What are your thoughts on the book?
This book I definitely would not have decided to read by my own choice, but it could have been worse. It is quite different to many things I’ve read before so maybe that’s why I didn’t like it as much. Honestly, it didn’t keep me turning the pages much.

Who was your favourite character?
I didn’t really like any of the characters tbh, but if I had to pick my preferred ones, I would say the 2 main characters Janie and Micah.

Who was your least favourite character?
Ander, quite definitely.

Would you recommend this book? If yes, what groups of people (e.g. age wise etc.)?
If you’re into darker kinds of books, then definitely. This book also has some sensitive topics and lots of swearing, drinking and stuff like that, so if you don’t like that kind of stuff, I really don’t recommend it. I think this book is more for 16+ years, you can definitely read it even if you’re younger as long as you don’t mind the things mentioned above.

Would you read it again?
...I don’t think so!

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