sometimes I wonder why
this desperate town
cries so damn loud

then i remember her eyes
so numb and red
and i understand why
this town cries so damn loud

"she's a rebel, don't trust her"
that's what they say
unknowingly broken you smile
so damn loud

i didn't know that your laugh was sadder
than hospital's cries, demolished
you were blue and i couldn't help
but scream so damn loud

when i saw you flying
over your bed
becoming the angel i knew you were
making your wrists cry so damn loud

the music stopped, no more white noise
just silence

like a blanket
you hated it so damn loud

and now, the only things that's
is my pain, your pain
on your grave

i couldn't hear your cries for help
over the screams of my heart
you couldn't hear my love even if
it wept for you so damn loud