name sydney caroline haile
nickame syd, syd the science kid
age sixteen years old
zodiac virgo


girl and coffee image Image by jenna Image by jenna girl and smile image
golden blonde hair, big blue eyes, bright smile, 110 pounds, 5'3


Temporarily removed friends, girl, and beach image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
  • bella brymer best friend
  • lexie gutierrez close friend
  • noah abraham close friend
  • clayton baez crush/friend


fashion, jeans, and style image aesthetic, converse, and fashion image Temporarily removed Image removed
basic, ripped jeans, oversized shirts, borrows bella's clothes sometimes, t-shirts, sweaters, thin hoodies, converse, mom jeans


Temporarily removed bratz image grease, men, and quotes image meme, reaction, and funny image Image removed movie, quotes, and ryan gosling image the office, meme, and funny image Image by Lau🍃
always happy, optimistic, easily scared, can sometimes get hyper and crazy, open to new things, really fun to be around, fun to tease, will fight someone for her friends, scary when mad


actors, film, and high school image beach, summer, and friends image hair, girl, and blonde image riverdale, betty cooper, and lili reinhart image sport, aesthetic, and lacrosse image summer and friends image
photography, styling her and her friends hair, surfing, cheerleading, lacrosse, being around people, walking around town