hey beauties! today’s article is going to a few ways to enjoy studying and get motivated to start studying!

› music

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listen to different music that isn’t in your language. i listen to k-pop and (try to) lip sync to it. it keeps me doing something as well as it helps me multi task. if i were to do this to an english song, i would probably mix up my words and write the lyrics while studying. where as, i don’t know korean so i can’t accidentally write it down.

listen to slower songs and piano covers. if you aren’t interested in lip syncing to music, slow and piano songs can help you’d study. you could find any song on youtube in a piano cover, create a playlist of piano covers for how long you study!

› study space

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have a study space that is big enough and motivates you to study.

have a desk to study at instead of your bed. your mind should associate your bed to sleep and a desk to studying/work.

look at study spaces on tumblr and get some cute/simple decor to go onto your desk. try to have lots of space on your desk and keep it clean.

› inspiration

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find a youtube or study blur on instagram to get inspired. find a unique way to create flash cards, mind maps, note pages, etc

buy some cute stationery to stay motivated. having nice stationery can make your work look nice, but don’t just buy stationery because it looks nice, actually use it

find someone who is studying live, and work with them. for example, if someone on instagram is studying live, ask them questions and join in!

› rewards

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set yourself rewards for studying. for example, you could have your favourite meal or favourite drink after you have made yourself a set of flash cards!

limit yourself to things such as social media and to break that limit, study, revise, etc!

› make a to do list

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make sure you prioritise what is your most important work and what is not.

make a to do list to motivate you to do your work and to set goals for the future. you are more likely to do something if it is written down and you can tick/cross it off to say that you have complete it!

› study dates

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have dates with your friends to study. have a study session together to make you motivated and more active.

having to get up and go to a study session makes you actually study. it also builds more friendship and can help you gain more knowledge as you are around more people that can help you.