• Full Name: Celeste Hydra Parich
  • Nickname(s): Ceci, Celele
  • Age: 17
  • Date of Birth: April 4
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Ethnicity: Her mother is a human, an American woman & her father is from the Wizard's World.
  • Hometown: The State of the Mermaids


  • Hair
hair, black, and aesthetic image Image by mxd8 tumblr, hair, and rainbow image Temporarily removed
She has black hair on Earth but when she is at th Wizard's World, she got split hair with her left side Rainbow.
  • Eyes
eye, eyes, and green image black, boy, and eyes image
She got heterochromia, one is blue & the other is black.
  • Face & Body
girl and hair image abstract, art, and artwork image Image by Cherry cola 🍒 hair, girl, and beauty image
She is so Fucking beautiful. She has pale & skinny body. She Always smiles.


  • Every Day
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She wears casual outfits & snakers Everyday. She loves bandanas.
  • At School
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She wears a black skirt as all of the mermaids students, a gray-blue shirt because she is in the weather section. She also wears a purple jacket & black boots with.
  • For ball
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She wears grey-blue dresses & white heels because she is one of the Mermaid's representative.
  • For Events
fashion, girl, and outfit image boots, shoes, and silver image shoes, boots, and black image fashion, outfit, and style image
For events, she wears jeans & shirts or very modern outfit.

Tales & Crown

mermaid and fantasy image mermaid, crown, and shell image character, crown, and fairy tales image Temporarily removed
Her Tales is white.


  • Every Day
makeup, eyes, and beauty image lipstick, makeup, and beauty image
  • At school
makeup, eye, and eyes image gray, lips, and lipstick image
  • For ball
glitter, makeup, and eyes image lips, glitter, and makeup image
  • For events
makeup, beauty, and eyes image Image removed


money, boy, and quotes image Image by Lady Vampire quotes, woman, and smart image background and wallpaper image
She is a funny, smart & kind girl. She is also feminist.


  • Music
aesthetic, collection, and girl image beautiful, celeb, and famous image
As all of the other mermaids, she sings very well.
  • Sport(s)
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She does gymnastics Everyday.
  • Other
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Watching movies & eating.


the lovely bones, movie, and susie salmon image Temporarily removed friends, friendship, and bff image couple, love, and boy image
She likes "Lovely Bones" Simone Biles, laughing with her best friend, Rain, being with the Mermaids & the Witches & having fun like going to parties.


Temporarily removed Portrait photography, beauty fashion model, and wedding dress inspiration image 16, cake, and pink image Image by SisiTy Be
She hates Fairies, Elves, fuckboys & pain.

Favorite Color(s)

flowers, macro, and yellow image drink, cake, and food image rose, fire, and flowers image aesthetic, floral, and flowers image
Yellow, blue, red, orange, white, purple & black.

Significant Other

boy, fine, and men image
Her boyfriend is Nic Anderson. He is older than her, he is 19.

Old Halloween Costumes

pink, girl, and aesthetic image makeup, style, and fashion image


aesthetic, magic, and Paper image amazing, beach, and fairy tales image
She is a student in the Wizards School & also one of the Mermaid's's Representative.


horse, sky, and thunder image aesthetic, blue, and hands image sky, lightning, and grunge image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Her specific power is the weather control one.


cute dog image Temporarily removed
Her pug, Pineapple & her seal Daddy.

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