Hey guys its been a long time since I've written an article and I really wanted to come back by starting a new movement on WeHeartIt! I'm calling this movement Gar's Kickstart! So the basic idea of this movement is that you take anything you're struggling with, or any hobbies etc you want to learn or get better at, and you write an article about it. You say why you want to do what you're doing, what it means to you, and for every like your article gets you write that many days of progress.

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ex: Day 1- I'm improving at guitar, decided to learn this song by blahblah. Only with more detail, and maybe even some progress pictures that you can make super aesthetic if you want to!

For your original article make sure to tag it with #garskickstart so that way everyone who participates can go and like each other's article. The more likes you get the better, it takes 30 days to create a solid habit after all, and if you're looking to improve at something this would be perfect for you!

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For me, as cliché as it is, I'm looking to mold my body into something I'm happy and confident in.

I struggled with an ED all throughout middle school and my first year of high school, and the thoughts still plague me now, but I've managed to gain weight over the years (healthy with sports of course). My problem is now I'm no longer doing sports activities and I'm struggling to make my physical health a priority in light of school and focusing on my mental health as well. Without making my physical health a priority my mental health only gets worse but its still been really hard for me to break down my walls to work out consistently on my own again. I'm using this as a chance to start working out everyday or at least 5 days a week like I'm used to, to gain the courage to step out my comfort zone and go running in public again, and to get better at yoga which is something that has helped me so much over the years.

I also have PMDD (this article doesn't explain everything about it but she sums PMDD up well if you're curious) which I noticed only seems to lessen with exercise, at least until I can work up the money to get medicine to help me. Despite knowing this it still has been difficult for me to get back in shape since stopping sports, and I'd like to finally be able to wear clothes I like and go shopping and take pictures freely again without stress and anxiety.

I'm about 3 years into recovery and am adjusting to my discovery of PMDD and where I stand now despite being a healthy weight I still cant stand to wear even short sleeve shirts let alone tight clothes or shorts. I want to do this for my mental health and to help me be less afraid of working out again. I'm willing to take any advices if any of you know what I'm going through, or have fitness tips! You don't need to worry(if you are lmao) I'm not looking to fall back into my ED habits, I want to do this the healthy way, however when you go through an eating disorder at a young age, without guidance its hard to know what is too much too little, and finding the right balance is difficult. Guidance is not something I've had in my recovery process, given this, good advices are appreciated! I can't wait to meet those of you whom participate, send me a postcard, I'm going to be liking every post that uses the hashtag! I'm super optimistic about the turnout for this. This movement means a lot to me and I hope others participate with me too, I'll do a daily log for each like I get one this post and I hope with everyone's support and love on this amazing community I can get to a place where I am happy and full of the self love I've always imagined having! I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

With all the love in the universe,

Ideas for kickstarting if you're unsure:

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Like FR Gar what do I do

-Create a study schedule and stick to it, log about improvements and challenges

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-learn or get back into an instrument you love and log about what it means to you and how you're improving/what sings you've learned

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-Work on improving your photography, log with tips and things you learn as you go

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-Work on improving your style, log for every like you get but instead of everyday log whenever you get a new item for your wardrobe, say what it mixes with/ take cute outfit pics/inspire new hearters with your style and creativity, you'll test the limits of your closet as you go!

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(Now goodbye, for real this time-Gar <3)