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Last weekend I saw @thegirlwhosalive article about her friendsโ€™ aesthetic. It inspired me to do the same thing with my friends, including me, because I donโ€™t want to do a single article about it.

Here's her article:

So, letโ€™s begin!


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Maddie is a very smart girl, she gets only top grades and studies a lot. Sheโ€™s lovely and caring, giving the best pieces of advice, but also so shy and quiet. Maddieโ€™s always calming our asses down when we go too wild. She loves cats and warm tea just like I do, so we get on really well. And her style is really cute, I totally adore it! Maddieโ€™s mom of our group. Seriously.


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Patricia is also a smart girl, but she only spends 30 minutes and gets the best grades, while we all need at least an hour and a halfโ€ฆ Weโ€™re jealous because of it. She loves Russian and always wanted to learn it, just like read President Vladimir Putinโ€™s biography. She likes to party, but always know when to stopโ€ฆ And take the worst picture of you just to laugh at her ass laterโ€ฆWe usually say the same thing at the same time, so sometimes I call her sis. She dresses casually, but with high heels in winter.


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Claudia is a total loser. I and Patricia always make fun of her. She is really funny by the way she exists, we can just look at her and start laughing, she doesnโ€™t have to do anything. She usually doesnโ€™t get whatโ€™s happening around her and often say โ€˜wtf?โ€™. She also likes a lot going to the party, but she must study hard, so she usually stay at home. Claudia is a very positive, girly and nice person, but her laugh is really scary sometimesโ€ฆ She dresses casual and comfortable at all the time. Little cutie.


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Barbieโ€™s such a nice friend! Sheโ€™s creative and sensitive, sheโ€™s also a volunteer. I truly admire it, because to help the others is a really hard work. She also works as a babysitter, sheโ€™s really patient and kind to kids she takes care of. A part without her is not a party, she always brightest mood up and makes a lot of jokes.


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Sandra has a dark sense of humor. I mean, really. She doesnโ€™t talk much but when she does, it's either something funny or scary. Sheโ€™s also a good photographer. Sandra has that type o voice which suits serial murderer perfectly. She loves coffee, she canโ€™t start a day without one. Her typical โ€œsurvival packageโ€ consist of coffee, food, and energetic drinks. Sandra, like the others, dresses sporty.

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And finally, thereโ€™s me, the most classy and sassy of us all. Savage as fvck and clever. I care about fashion the most and sometimes I give my girls some tips. They call me โ€˜Gucci Girlโ€™ because I truly adore this brand. Iโ€™m also the confident one so Iโ€™m trying to help my girls get rid of their shyness. I really love them all, Iโ€™ve never had such friends and Iโ€™m glad I met them. I think itโ€™s this kind of relationship, thatโ€™s for forever.

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