Hey there lovely!
Today I am here to tell you why I haven't been writing as much lately.

Usually I upload about twice a week but the last couple of weeks have been kinda chaotic for me.
The reason I have been MIA lately is because I started a Youtube channel, I am starting a business and I am educating myself.


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I started my Youtube channel because I am starting a business. My business is actually a social enterprise, which means that it's founded for a good purpose.

My good purpose is malaria. I chose malaria because I myself lived in Afrika and I've seen children die because of the disease. Malaria is a disease that doesn't has to be in this world. Malaria can be prevented and that's why I started this social enterprise.

The concept of the social enterprise is build around the Anopheles mosquito. The anopheles mosquito is the mosquito that infects people with malaria.

We let uninfected anopheles mosquito's feed on celebrities, so the mosquito's are carrying the blood of the celebrity within them. Then the mosquito's will be conservated in alcohol when travelling to the artist who processes them into see-through stones. When the stones are done you can buy them on our website. Our box artist designes a beautiful package for you so when you receive the stone it'll feel like the perfect present.

1. We let an uninfected malaria mosquito feed on Justin Bieber.
2. The mosquito get's conservated in alcohol when travelling to our stone artist.
3. The artist processes the mosquito into a little see-through stone.
4. You can buy the stones on our website.


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I also made a video about the concept and I made a video about everything I've already done to start my business. Make sure to subscribe if you'd like to follow me on the rest of my journey:


I started this Youtube channel to capture my journey of starting this business. My channel won't just be about the business but I will also upload vlogs and video's about the rest of my life.


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I am not going to college this year. Next year I will go to university but this year I am having kind off a break. But that doesn't keep me from self educating. I follow lectures from Yale on youtube on Psychology and Biology. I am teaching myself math for statistics and I am following an English course.

So, there you have it guys. This is everything that has been keeping me busy lately. There is so much more to say that I can't find the words for.

If you've got any questions or just something lovely to say, you can message me at any time.
I am also open to collaborations.

Thank you for reading, I love you.

Love and inspiration,
- Nicky

Nicky Knols
Nicky Knols

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