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Name: Adam Dallas
Nickname: Addie (but used more as a joke than an actual nickname)
Birthday: November 27th, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Sagitarius

Soooo, I think I kinda have a crush on Emma...
-Adam to Leo, 7:23 pm 2018
Shit! I highly recomend you to run to the mountais.


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eyes and hair are brown, the hair is always a little messy


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just takes the first thing he finds, usually a ripped jeans and a random t-shirt. he also likes checkered shirts
But I'm not dumb! I know bhaskara!
-Adam to Emma, 4:56 pm 2018
Yes, but you learned it 3 years late.


cat, funny, and meme image Mature image clown, memes, and reaction image Image removed
extroverted, funny, quite dumb, friendzoned, loves memes and can eat anything
I have the perfect meme for that situation! Wait a second.
-Adam, 3:24 am 2018


pet, turtle, and cute image cute, beauty, and butt image turtle and donatello image exploring, friend, and green image
a turtle named Josefine


Image by Reem🌻 game and over image Temporarily removed food, thai, and eat image
listen to music, drive in the midle of the night, eat and play video games
Get away of my lazzagna or I'll put that fucking spoon inside your ass.
-Emma protecting her food from Adam, 9:18 pm


electronic, friends, and festival image christmas, holiday, and winter image pizza, food, and yummy image adorable, awesome, and boyfriend image christmas, light, and winter image fire, friends, and beach image
parties, beach, food, pizza, christimas and shows
I bought everyone very good gifts, see? I'm a really good friend!
-Adam on Christmas

Best Friends

boy image book, coffee, and autumn image
Leo Kornel
style, black, and fire image Temporarily removed
Emma Cortney
party, grunge, and friends image friends image girl, grunge, and party image grunge, ghost, and indie image
Today is the day I'll win you guys at Mario Kart! I'm feeling it!
-Adam to Emma and Leo, 1:23 am 2018
That pour soul...
-Emma and Leo whispering


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Mommy, look! It's a turtle in the Moon!
Oh nooo! I don't believe you painted the walls again.
-Adam and his mother, 5:16 pm, 2005