Hey there lovely people of We Heart It! This here is my first ever article on WHI that happens to be about musician/band Passenger.

Lately I've been really obsessed with his songs especially the ones from the album : ALL THE LITTLE THINGS.I can't seem to get over them so here's a list of those songs:

1) Let Her Go

Temporarily removed passenger, let her go, and go image
One can never go wrong with this classic.This song has been a heartbreak anthem to many.The lyrics hit hard when you're feeling the blues.

2) Things That Stop You Dreaming

quote, things, and got image passenger, uruguay, and bookshop image
This song proves itself to be a beautiful example of acceptance and finding happiness in what you have.

3) The Wrong Direction

direction, fuck it, and fuck that image Temporarily removed
This one here is my personal favorite that I've been listening on loop.The lyrics speak to me as they talk about the struggles of loving.

4) Circles

david, passenger, and acoustic image passenger image
This one is a whirlwind of melancholy emotions to it as it wonderfully talks about the never ending circle of life.

That's it for now folks! These songs are really beautiful so if you're looking for something to add to your playlist this might help you out.

I hope you enjoyed this article,I look forward to your feedback. Cya soon!

Keep hearting and stay wild!

from yours truly,