hi guys.
my name is smruti. this is my first article, so i thought why don't i start with an introduction about myself.

sooo here are a few of my favorite things:


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i'm obsessed with netflix. my favorite shows are friends, gossip girl, and the office duhh

2. Family

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i hold family very close to my heart. they're the people who have always been here for me and despite my terrible memory i will forever and always remember everything they do for me.

3. Fairy Lights

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i can't get enough of these gorgeous lights. they're so gorgeous and they make my my room a whole new level of beauty.

4. Music

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music heals me. it's the one thing that i embody in so many ways. it strengthens me and it is a big part of who i am.

honestly, i could go on and on about my favorite things and give an in depth explanation of each thing, but i've narrowed it down for the sake of time. i hope you enjoyed reading about a few of my favorite things.

smruti ❤