This story is one I keep to myself even though it’s ingrained into my mind. I am ashamed I was this much of a sheep. Why couldn’t I stand up for myself? As much as I hate this story, as much as I wish it never happened or that I could ignore it, it needs light. It’s time to be seen.

14. Riverside Trailer Park. 12:44 AM.
Malorie, Riley and I ran out of weed a couple hours earlier. The local dealer, two houses down, has a steep price. One I’m all too familiar with.
Malorie’s grandma was oblivious to our shenanigans, that or she didn’t care at all. The trio slid out of the window, making our way down the gravel road in the dark. Malorie led us to another window of a double-wide, a couple of guys were inside smoking. She tapped on the glass and one of them answered the call.

1:14 AM.
Riley had never even kissed a boy.
Malorie had a boyfriend.
I was nominated. I took one for the team.
Lalo and I sat in the backseat of his Toyota Corolla, Mal and Ri in the front seats. The car was just sitting in the dirt parking lot of the barely used Riverside Community Church.
The transaction took place here. With my friends inches away. Laughing as they heard the moans. Veiled by a dingy backseat blanket, cotton candy pink colored condom.
Going into this I had thought “What do I have left to lose?”
My dignity.
I forgot about that.
It’s gone.
I moaned louder. My friends laughed harder. He came. We got our weed.

2:06 AM.
The three of didn’t talk about what happened in the car.
We trekked out to our smoke spot, in the grass seed field by the small patch of Oak trees.
Flicker. Inhale. Exhale.
Malorie and RIley forgot what happened. To them it cost nothing, it was fun for them.
I didn’t forget. My dignity as a human being was stripped away from me. It was anything but fun.

>Disclaimer: Thank you so much for making it this far, thank you for paying attention to my story. Posting this was mainly for myself, to have my stories put into the world one way or another. It’s still hard to speak these stories aloud, but each day it gets easier and soon I’ll be able to put it to rest.<<