Hi everyone Evey here! I hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather I haven't experienced it yet since it's always hot here in Florida but other than that Halloween is around the corner and I wanted to share some fun facts about Halloween.

Spooky Halloween fact #1:
Originating from the Celtics, Halloween costumes were usually worn to ward off demons and prevent them from the dangers in Halloween nights. Today each year in Halloween people still wear their favorite costumes because it's traditional and bring out the spirit of Halloween.

Spooky Halloween fact #2:
Many people are often scared on Halloween because of scary rumors such as ghosts or demons. Those who are scared of Haloween have a phobia called samhainphobia.

Spooky Halloween fact #3:
Many have lost a loved one whether it is a family member or a close friend. It has been said that if you spy an eye of a spider on Halloween night it means a deceased loved one is watching over you and hoping you keep your love and peace towards the loved one you have lost.

Spooky Halloween fact #4:
Everyone loves making jack-o-lanterns on Halloween with pumpkins but, back then pumpkins weren't used to carve jack-o-lanterns it was usually made out of turnips, potatoes, and beets.

Spooky Halloween fact #5:
Halloween would have to be the second biggest commercial holiday in America, and the reason why would have to be the tradition of candy, scary costumes, ghosts, pumpkins, fall season, etc.

Sometimes there are some tomfoolery activities happening during this holiday like pranks such as egging houses, frightening people, or any cruel activity. However, tomfoolery shouldn't be involved with the spirit of Halloween it should be about having a good time with friends, dressing up, and tons of candy. I hope everyone has plans for Halloween and has a wonderful time! :)