girl, aesthetic, and alternative image

Name: Ester Bellucci
Nickname: her friends use "Little Star" and "Easter" as a joke, besides that she doesn't have a nickname
Birthday: January 2nd, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Oh my God Easter! Easter is coming! Don't you love easter, Easter?
-Lucas to Ester, 4:27 pm 2018


collarbone, delicate, and girl image brown, hair, and me image Image removed aesthetic, aesthetics, and eyes image
pale skin, short brown hair, green-ish eyes and big lips


beautiful, fashion, and girl image art, fashion, and starry night image Temporarily removed fashion, aesthetic, and flowers image
just sweaters (if it's hot a t-shirt) and jeans, really simple but artsy
Oh shit, what have I done?
-Ester after making a huge stain on her white sweater that now has a bouquet of flowers painted in the middle


ink, nails, and tattoo image art, artist, and asia image tattoo and space image tattoo and art image
various minimalistcs tatoos all over the body
I'm seriosly thinking about makind a band-aid tatoo in my knee, just because I'm always hurting that shit, what do you think?
-Ester to Ayla, 5:23 am 2018


sky, movie, and quote image books, bookworm, and reading image aesthetic, white, and white aesthetic image Image by dayanaa quotes, love, and sad image quotes, city, and words image
quite awkward, extremelly dreamer, creative, loves to read, the kind of person that you find on her yard at 4am staring at the sky
I'm so hungry right now that that cloud looks like a fucking hamburger to me. Send. Help
-Ester to Aurora, 4:05 pm 2018


animals, baby, and Best image animals, baby, and boy image cat, cats, and ginger image adorable, aesthetic, and cat image
a ginger cat called Early


dance, black, and dress image art, drawing, and face image forest, travel, and nature image girl, book, and aesthetic image
dance, read, draw and go for walks
Leave that car Lucas, let's move these leeeeegs!
-Ester, 3:54 pm 2018


map, travel, and room image water, aesthetic, and blue image beautiful, magic, and magical image Temporarily removed Image by Soul Temporarily removed
art, nature, magic, sparkles, art, money, constellations, traveling and books
So, when I become rich I'll force you guys to travel the world with me, be prepared.
-Ester, 10:09 pm 2018

Best Friends

book, bibliophile, and pin image girl, hair, and style image
Aurora Lacasse
Image removed asian, boy, and fashion image
Ayla Inoue
harmony, music, and piano image boy, glasses, and smile image
Lucas Browne
friends, night, and grunge image book, couple, and boy image couple image Temporarily removed
I still ask myself about how I ended up with this bunch of idiots
-Ester, 1:46 pm 2018
Oooh come on, we know you love us!
-Lucas, Ayla and Aurora after accidentally throwing Ester's necklace throught the window


Wizard of oz, dorothy, and shoes image yellow, aesthetic, and summer image Temporarily removed blue and girl image flowers, tea, and cup image flowers, rose, and aesthetic image
Ester, stop looking for fairies in the backyard and come help me with the lunch!
-Ester mom, 11:32 am 2006