Welcome to my 1st female crushes list. The women in these article are here for their looks but, most of them, are here also because of their great personalities.

  • Selena Gomez
gif, selena gomez, and icon image
gif and selena gomez image
  • Emma Watson
emma watson image emma watson, smile, and harry potter image emma watson, black and white, and harry potter image emma watson, feminist, and harry potter image
  • Valentina Zenere
Image by fuck you valentina zenere image hair, pink, and pretty image Temporarily removed
  • Zendaya
Image removed zendaya, met gala, and zendaya coleman image
  • Elle Fanning
Elle Fanning and model image Elle Fanning and 20th century women image
  • Oriana Sabatini
amazing, perfect, and beautiful image beautiful, beauty, and famous image oriana sabatini image model, photography, and oriana sabatini image
  • Rachel Mc Adams
rachel mcadams, the notebook, and allie image rachel mcadams image rachel mcadams image rachel mcadams image
gif and rachel mcadams image
  • China Anne Mclain
black girls and china anne mcclain image
  • Lucy Hale
lucy hale, pretty little liars, and pll image Temporarily removed
dance, funny, and aria image
  • Mellisa Benoist
Image removed melissa benoist image
  • Natalie Portman
gif, natalie portman, and hermosa image
natalie portman and actress image natalie portman and pretty image

Thanks for reading!