hiii! this is my first article, well, kind of? i made another article but deleted it as a few months passed, because i disagreed with literally everything i said. but let's pretend that this is my first one, so please go easy on me!
so for this article, as you could see by the title, i'm going to be talking about my thoughts on why brown eyes are beautiful. (this isn't to bash other eye colors!) you guys are all beautiful, every single one of you. i just wanted to do something sweet dedicated to people with brown eyes are because they're so underappreciated, that it's not even funny, so i wanted to give them a little spotlight.
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while growing up, all my life i've heard people with brown eyes say that our eyes are "boring", or "poopy brown," "mud," and complain saying that they want a different eye color.

but i think the reason why, is because since brown is the most common eye color, most people find it more boring.
and it's super rare to find someone saying that they want brown eyes, because people with different eye colors most likely say that they want any eye color besides brown.

of course it's okay to not want a certain eye color, we all have our opinion on things. but i personally think that brown eyes need a little more credit,
here's why...


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you've seen brown eyes in the dark before, right? when they're in their original shade of color, warm and simple.

but have you ever seen them when once they hit the sun? they appear into this honey color which is just gorgeous! they'll have golden rays, almost as if it's a form of an eclipse, which is just so magical. a lot of people also compare our eyes to a pool full of honey, which is so accurate.



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every time i'm having a conversation to someone with brown eyes, they make me feel somewhat safe? like when i look into their eyes it gives me calming/good vibes of:

  • coffee
  • fall leaves
  • hot cocoa in the winter
  • nature
  • netflix
  • blankets and etc.,

it feels like i could just take them on a walk, or go out to get some coffee with them.



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i find this very true because for example, usually, when i'm looking for some new friends, most of them always end up having brown eyes. so meeting people with brown eyes is easier for me because like i said, they make me feel more welcomed.



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i've always felt like this was accurate but i had to do my research to double-check if it's true, and apparently, it is! it says that,

"brown-eyed individuals tend to be perceived as more trustworthy than blue-eyed ones," explained the study authors. "but it is not brown eyes that cause this perception. it is the facial morphology linked to brown eyes."
link: https://www.allaboutvision.com/conditions/eye-color-brown.htm_

they have that friendly look to them, which makes me want to tell them my credit card number or something.



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i find brown the sexiest type of eye color out there. dark and mysterious, and i just love that.
when i talk to people with brown eyes, i'm always so curious about learning more about them not just for the sake of it, but because i'm actually interested in them.



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from everyone i've met with brown eyes, this is so true. their powerful eye contact that makes you not want to look away.

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❝ yes, her eyes are blue.
yes, every love song is about them.
yes, every poem compares them to the sea.
but you,
you have eyes of amber and onyx.
your eyes are the gold people desperately try to pull from the ground.
her eyes may hold the depth in the ocean,
but your eyes hold the magnitude of a black hole.
your eyes carry a weight too heavy for even the ocean to sweep away into abyss.
your eyes are anything but ordinary. ❞
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but that'll be it for this little article!

i hope you enjoyed it, and if you did please love and react to it.

i hope after reading this article, you'll appreciate brown eyes at least bit more. and if you have brown eyes, i hope this made you feel good about yourself.

brown eyes may be the most common eye color. but if you look deeper, i think it's definitely one of the most unique and beautiful eye colors.
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