Inexpensive and cute room decor can be really hard to find, but here are some tips that I've learned in order to find the best room decor on a budget!

Thrift It

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The other day I went to Goodwill and found items (originally from Target) for about half the price and in brand new condition! I found a gold marble clock like the one in above for only $8 when the original was $15. My tip for finding items like these is to really take your time. Many of these things will be up on higher shelves or hidden down low.

Upcycle Old Items

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Using a fresh coat of spray paint can instantly change the way an object looks. You can paint picture frames, jars, really anything you want. I get spray paint from home depot for about $3.79 per can. This is a great way to bring uniformity into your space through color.


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There are countless YouTube videos on DIY room decor each with their own unique style. Even though DIYing room decor can take time, there are a bunch out there that are not as involved, but look just as cute! I'll have some of my favorite channels listed here: Drew Scott, Lone Fox, Nastazsa, and TheSorryGirls

Work With What You Got

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If you have a printer, then you have wall art. If you can draw, then you have wall art. If you can splatter paint onto a canvas, then you have wall art. The possibilities for room decor are really endless. Room decor doesn't have to be hard. You can start small by printing out a few printables or quotes (click the picture for a post on where to get these) and use some washi tape to create a cute frame around them.
I hope you all enjoyed this article on finding cheap room decor! Now go spice up your space :)