lately my mental health hasn't been the best, I don't really know what's up and whenever I tell people how I feel, I think they think i'm crazy because I have a loving family, an amazing boyfriend, and I just have a good life compared to some others which makes me feel guilty for feeling this way...

I just want to feel better, I haven't really been eating, I get lots of sleep, but i'm always tired, I randomly feel sad If i'm left alone long enough, I haven't had time to work out, and I just feel like every step forward I take, I end up taking two steps back.

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I want to start over again

I want to be happy again
there's lots of things I want to do, but I feel like I have no time.

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I want to explore
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I want to feel confident
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I want to love without being scared
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I want to try new things
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I want to feel content, I don't want to forever have a heavy heart.
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I'm meant for warmth not cold, season changes make me sad.
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sometimes I just want to disappear so I can have an adventure for a while, maybe one day.

thats my rant for now, maybe I'll be happier soon
mads :)