Hello everyone!

Podcasts are amazing things. I like listening to them while doing my makeup, homework, or even making food. For those who drive, podcasts can be great to listen to in the morning on your way to work or school. So, without further a do here are my current favorite podcasts.

My Favorite Murder

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I think the title quite speaks for itself, but basically its about these two women who discuss murder every week. Now I'm not doing any justice with my way of words, but it is more then just talking about murders. They have their own personal stories about growing up and things they have gotten through over the course of their lifes. Overall, Karen and Georgia are hilarious bada** women and nobody can tell me different.

Pod Save America

I actually just got into this podcast and let me tell you. I. Love. It. I believe there are four people talking about every bodies absolutely favorite topic: politics. Yes, politics. They're democrats if you were wondering and at times are funny and indeed know what they are talking about in my opinion. While we're on this topic, if you are able to go vote.

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Mile Higher

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I haven't listened to my faves in forever. This couple discuss conspiracy theories, true crime such as the jonBenet Ramsey case and so much more. Guys, Stay woke. That's all I got to say.

If you guys enjoyed this article, please let me know and message me what I should write next :) Until next time misters.