Hey! Now I'm a teen and I don't want to do elaborate costumes anymore... So that's why I thought of these costume ideas, if you're like me and are lazy.

1. Witch

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What you need: A witch hat, a black dress of your choice, boots, and if you like to do makeup just look up a makeup tutorial.

2. Skeleton

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What you need: Makeup to do the skeleton mouth and you could just wear black clothing if you want or buy a skeleton costume.

3. Ghost

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What you need: A bed sheet and cut two hole for your eyes and you're done.

4. Vampire

vampire, aesthetic, and Halloween image brad pitt, vampire, and Interview with the Vampire image girl, quotes, and bite image vampire, red, and lips image
What you need: Fangs, cape, and you can also have blood.

5. Devil or Angel

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What you need: Halo or horns and that's it. You can add anything you want.

Thank you for reading! Bye!