This is just a qickly reminder that you could find art anywhere, into someone´s eyes, in their smiles, in their laughs..
You could find it in a person, into the persons´s mind.

You are a work of art that deserves to be admired forever and not everyone knows how to appreciate your art, the art of being you, the art of your spontaneity, just one person will know how to appreciate you and your art, besides, other people will not know how to appreciate any of that or your art, but you always have to know your value, and love yourself with all the scars, and the scratches that the painting has, and that painting is YOU, only you.

You are art and no one is gonna change that. dont let anybody ruin your painting. you have to let everyone look at you painting.

Art is everywhere, it is in the sky and in its changing colors that are only the work of a hand that is out of this world, art is there, it is in a rose and a flower that withers with time to which his cycle arrives or someone did not know how to take good care, but it is there, and it is called art, it is in the rain and in how its drops fall in a particular way and are music to your ears, the art is always there even though many are difficult to see, the art goes unnoticed in the world, so that people can appreciate it, you find it in your favorite song, when you can not stop listening to that song and you repeat it a thousand times and you feel that you will never get bored o tired of that song, the art is in a photograph, that remembers a special or funny moment and has the capacity to freeze that moment forever, art is in a good book, which makes you disappear from this world, makes you live different experiences, frees you and disconnects you from reality, the art is still there and never goes away, is in a good morning coffee that It makes you recover energy and makes you feel alive, the art is in a good talk with your friends, it is in the moments that you live with them, it is in the spontaneous laughs that make your stomach hurt and you can not open your eyes, the art is even in the tears that you spill or that spill the people, either of happiness or sadness, but it is pure art, because it comes from the deepest part of you, and for me that is art, pure art.
i mean, to me art is out there, in the streets, is everywhere, the only thing you need is to find it, or either ways, the art will found you.