Hello all. So this is an article for just a small shimmer of inspiration♥ Nothing too extravagant for now! Enjoy loves <3

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♥Be proud of yourself! Because you've worked so hard, grew so much, survived the impossible... need I go on :) you know you can handle anything life throws your way. Always pat yourself on the back because you deserve it.
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♥Just keep in mind.. that..where you are in life, is exactly where you're meant to be. You will soon arrive at your dream destination soon. Keep the patience and enjoy this moment. Enjoy life as it is now; with what you have now because things always change and blossom over time. As a matter of fact, good things are on the way :)
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♥Leave the past where it belongs;behind you. You are _not_your past mistakes or regrets, you are not a burden, you are not what the opinions of others. You are you. And lastly, you are so much more than your past pains.