I fell in love and I don´t know how to respond to all these emotions. I feel and think too much and I can´t function properly anymore. I need help.

So there is that boy that likes me. I like him too but idk if I like him as much as he likes me. We only have known each other for a month. We chatted quite a lot per text message about music, school and stuff.
Since he is from my school we both went to prom where we talked to each other. At some point we went for a walk outside. After a lot of laughing, talking and star gazing he kissed me. It was my first kiss and tbh it couldn't have been more perfect. We went back to the other students. Before we turned the corner to the building where the prom was held he went in for a kiss again and to my surprise it was a french kiss. I was absolutely not existent anymore just because there were so many emotions at once. Later when we were inside the building he kissed me once again but in front of his friends. The funny thing is that his friends (and him) were always the "cool kids" to me and there I was kissing one of them in front of everyone. That feeling was fun lol.

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Since prom we texted and snapped a lot and I think I can say that he definetely has a crush on me. I like him too but I just need more time to figure out my feelings because all of that happened exactly one week ago.

What gives me so much headache is that if we two WOULD become a couple is what my parents are gonna say. I am pretty sure that they would absolutely kill me. They won´t be able to accept that I am loving A BOY at the age of 16. For them I still am a little girl. Furthermore has my mum a lot of trust in me that I am something like "the perfect daughter" but if I told her that I kissed a boy all that trust would turn to anger and disappointment she wouldn't allow me shit anymore. I would be grounded for literally the rest of my life.

I really don't know what to do. Should I break the boys heart although he did absolutely NOTHING wrong or should I break my parents´ trust?
If anyone of you reading this has some advice or an opinion then please please leave me a message I need help!!!

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Love, Gxx