( /!\ english is not my native language /!\ )

Hello ! I reassure you, i love my life but i just wanted to do it^^ So this is how i imagine a dream day...

7 am


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Temporarily removed
aesthetic, red, and theme image city image

8 am


model, fashion, and black and white image
Elle, magazine, and fashion image girl, photography, and hair image

12.30 pm

lunch with friends

food, drink, and burger image

1.30 pm

editing photos and writing

city and toronto image aesthetic, icons, and moodboard image
quotes image

6 pm

little break

Temporarily removed bike image

6.30 pm


dance, ballet, and ballerina image
ballerina, ballet, and dance image ballet, dance, and dancer image

8 pm

back home

bath, candles, and relax image
shawn mendes, boy, and guitar image autumn, harry potter, and fall image

12 am

good night...

couple, bed, and cheek image

That's it ! I tried something different, so if you enjoyed this article you can heart it^^ thanks for reading ! Xx