I was watching some pictures of Shadowhunters and suddenly i started to miss this beautiful fantasy world and all the characters, so I decided to do the, If I was a Shadowhunter tag!
- Name: Eume Herondale
- Blood:
angel, art, and black and white image faerie image
Half-fairy, half Shadowhunter.
- Family:
blossom, blue, and dark image books, fae, and faerie image
Her mother, a fairy; her father, Will Herondale, a shadowhunter that was part of The Circle, and her half-brother Jace.
adventure, indie, and landscapes image dark, aesthetic, and black image
Her mother was a fairy that was banished by The Fairy Queen. She was pregnant with Eume when the Queen started to persecute her. After the baby was born she was murdered by one of the court soldiers so Eume had to live with her father and his family
- Institute:
map, new york, and aesthetic image aesthetic, angel, and church image
New York's Institute
- Especiality:
arrow, forest, and bow image Mature image
Bound and Arrow.
- Favorite Runes:
Image removed shadowhunters, runes, and the mortal instruments image
Agility, Speed, Equilibrium and Flexibility.
eyes, eye, and brown image Temporarily removed
Brown straight long hair, brown eyes and light brown skin tone.
emotions, control, and quotes image quotes, power, and pain image
She puts his family and friends first and always wants to protect them even if she can get kill because of it. As she grown up she started to hide her feelings because she thinks that if you show them you are showing your weeknesses.
- Style:
grunge, boots, and style image black, grunge, and style image
Always ready to fight, black leather jacket, skinny jeans and comfortable black boots.
- Friends:
shadowhunters, katherine mcnamara, and dominic sherwood image
Even if they are two years bigger than her, she had know Isabelle and Alec Lightwood since she and Jace had to move to the New York Institute after her father's dead. Also Jace's girlfriend Clary Fairchild, and her mundane best friend Simon Lewis.

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