dear my better half,

I have no idea what this is that I'm feeling as of right now, I can't really put a name or label to it I'm sorry.

I knew we would bond right away the moment we met, we had many unexpected moments where we matched lock screens and even doing the same things as the same time !

Obviously you view me as an immature individual since I'm younger than you and well..I used to vent to you about my stupid problems too ahaha.

Thanks to Z, as nosy as she always is, she tried to be a wing-woman while I was asleep bahaha. In other words, I'm not giving up just yet because well...

I want you in my future. Not just in it either, I want you to be apart of it.
I'm excited to see what this, what we have, take on some challenges and excited to see which path it takes.

You truly do mean the world to me.