Hello, my beautiful hearters!

How is it going? I hope is excellent, 'cuz I'm freaking out here, PEOPLE!

How do I begin? Oh, yeah. I'm a senior in high school, let's start off by saying that. I came to the US 2 years ago from my home country, Venezuela. I've been speaking English for about mmmm... a year and a half, let's remark the pretty obvious fact that my English is so far from perfect, but you know what I did? I signed up for the freaking hardest English class, 'cuz I want to fail my senior year. Not even the English-speakers want to take that class, and not gonna lie, is kinda nice. I like being able to understand the class, and to feel like what I've learned has not being wasted.


I signed up for others classes that because they're just seniors, are freaking strict, and require a lot of work. I had an anxiety attack the 3rd week of school, that's a record. I don't have bad grades, except for my English class, but still, I want to freak out every time I have to start a book again.

can I like, graduate already? I don't want to wait 'til June AAAAAAA

well y'all, that's all fro today's article. I hope you laugh with my crisis, and have a pretty nice day.