I am backkkkkk... So this time we are gonna talk and also i am gonna give you some perfect costumes for halloween . Are you ready?

For start we will see all the spooky (but right spooky) customes so let's go..


Halloween and makeup image Halloween, makeup, and black and white image
Enough spooky but i kinda like it , but without the custome i like it more only with the make up but at some people like and the custome too so it's ok from me


Halloween, makeup, and merlina image black, dark, and quotes image
To tell the truth i am looking exactly like this girl and it is so easy for me to dress up like that for halloween .. great custome


lele pons, girl, and Halloween image Halloween, blood, and makeup image
To be honest i hate it when i see someone at halloween dress up like a zombie because it's too scary although i find the vampire style perfect for the halloween


witch image Image removed
Too classy or not i think that everyone when are talking about halloween the first thing that they think is the witches.


costume and Halloween image black, dark, and Halloween image
Ok such a little words for that .... I DON'T LIKE MUMMIES


unicorn, Halloween, and makeup image girl, carnaval, and costume image
So we change category to beautiful and cute customes and unicorn i can say is my favourite also i love unicorns


Halloween, little mix, and perrie edwards image Temporarily removed
I love mermaids it's really pretty for halloween


couple, Halloween, and costume image cool, costume, and couples image couple, chris brown, and Halloween image riverdale, jughead, and veronica lodge image
Sooo here we have the couples. All the couples can do something together like the things that we have here such as Mr. and Mrs. Smith , the couple from the Grease , the couples from the Riverdale , super mario and his partener . Also you can do and other things like harley quinn and joker or you can do your favourite celebrity couple from any decade

(Something i totally forgot about spooky customes the clowns and the dolls i - just - hate - them .... Seriously it's so scared but if you want to scare some people this year this is the best costumes)

So that's it . I know there is so many costumes but i put my most favourite or least favourite and i hope you enjoy it and also i hope i give you some help about your custome for this year .... I don't know if it's gonna be part 2 but for the time this is all i have ...