Hi again!

As you see I'll write about this two pretty cool and aesthetics styles: Retro and Vintage.

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First of all, I wanna introduce you a little bit about this two styles.

Retro style
Also knowed as Mid Century, is that style started in 50's, 60's and 70's. Characteristic for it cheerful colors like turquoise, yellow, pink, orange and greenand also some pastel colors.

The furniture looks light and with soft contours, the legs of the seats are thin and long or short and thick, all distinctive for their exceptional diagonal shape and it is very rare the legs of these are vertical.

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Vintage Style
This style started about the 30's, It's base color is white. It stands out for its elegance, classicism and even a point of romance. Walls with patterned motifs are also very common. Well, is a cute style.

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Now that you know what are some of the characteristics of these two styles I want make an important point between these two, the difference.

Some many people always say things like "my house is retro or vintage" thinking or saying that is the same style. But no.

You see, they can look very similar but they're really not. The difference is that the furniture and stuff of the retro style you can buy it in a store, like Ikea. And I mean the type of stores that really have that furniture that is maked in mass for the world.

And vintage style is different because you don't buy stuff to decorate in that style. You own some things from the 30's to 50's and you use it to decorate your place. If you buy it, is not vintage.

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For example, you can combine the two styles in your room and put a vintage table from your grandma or a telephone from that times and buy a armchair or do/buy some retro paint and it will be look so cool and aesthetic!!

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And well, that's what I wanted you to know about these two beautiful styles. Hope it helps you to understand something about these.