In the spirit of Thanksgiving having just passed, I thought I'd make a list of things I am thankful for. Because despite the fact we can all get wrapped up in a current pain or grievance of our life, and knowing how easy it is to lose hope, there is undoubtingly always something to be thankful for. Some may say it's a cliche to say, but there really is always hope. And that's a powerful thing. It's all about your mindset and perspective. To keep hope in your heart is to hold on. And that takes courage no matter who you are or what your life is like. Everyone has their struggles, and to remind yourself of the many reasons to be happy is to enjoy and appreciate life before it had passed you by.

53 little things I am thankful for...

1.) second chances (and third and fourth and fifth and so on)

2.) the smell of candles

3.) the smell of coffee

coffee, pink, and neon image coffee, cup, and drink image

4.) long hugs

5.) relaxing nights of self-care

6.) dawn's beautiful sunrise

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7.) genine compliments

8.) the power of music

9.) the smell/sound of rain and all the beauty that comes with it

cold, fall, and orange image rain, petrichor, and smell image

10.) cuddling with a dog/puppies

11.) spontaneous adventures

12.) the sound of a ukulele

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13.) pizza

14.) the sound of "i love you"

15.) fictional books

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16.) fictional characters

17.) peace and quiet

18.) bubble baths

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19.) inspiring scripture verses

20.) fuzzy socks

21.) old vinyl

22.) safety

23.) fun nights with friends

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24.) that after shower clean feeling

25.) cute jackets

26.) junk food runs

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27.) cute cafes

28.) collections of anything

29.) nights i've felt alive

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30.) change

31.) building forts with friends

32.) the art of photography

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33.) the sound of birds chirping in the morning

34.) good food

35.) resolved arguments

36.) travel

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37.) the amount of open doors the world offers

38.) funny people

39.) the feeling of paper on my fingers

40.) good quality pens

41.) city lights

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42.) free time

43.) people who handle stress well

44.) English literature

45.) the men's hoodie section

46.) poetry

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47.) art galleries

48.) my bed

49.) people i can relate to

50.) sleeping in late

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51.) interlocked hand holds

52.) meaningful tattoos

53.) clear starry nights

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There you have it, 53 things I am thankful for. The list is endless, but here's the tip of the iceberg. I highly suggest to you to think of all the blessings in your life and write them down to look back on when you're having a rough day. Because trust me it makes the hard times seem so much smaller compared to the abundant beauty of life.