Hey, it's Dilay again!

I'm back here again with my gorgeous ideas. If I have to say short, today's title is, as you see, Fall School Outfits. I hope everyone will like it, so let's look at together!

I have to say first, we can't wear our daily outfits, I know that's really bad. But I love giving my fashion idea's to people around the world.


I really love wearing the plaid stuff in Fall. I think it suits everyone or everything so well.

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The vintage or retro t-shirts are still super cool for Fall.

fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, style, and outfit image autumn, pumpkin, and fashion image orange, aesthetic, and style image


I think high waist pants or the Fall colors are really really beautiful.

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You can wear every shoe in the Fall. But be careful to colors.

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It's so classic but I wear gold on accessories except for earrings.

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So that's it. Don't forget, these are my opinions, I hope everyone likes it!

Thanks for reading! If you want more please follow me. I'll make more articles. See you soon!

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