Hi guys, so... I loooooveee writing.
The sound of keyboard clicks is my favorite sound in the whole entire world.
It's the sound that makes time move forward, backward, any direction your heart desires. It's the sound of world forming and ideas coming to life. It's the sound of creation.
I decided to publish one of the first stories I've ever written. Well, the first I've actually written because fun fact my first ever story was a 3 part series that I drew out because I was too young to write. However, once I got a hang of the alphabet and stole a pen from my mother's Dolce Gabbana purse, I started writing.
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Little aesthetics of what you might expect. The book is a little sarcastic, but overall I went for a dark vibe. Though not as dark as my current project The Closed Castle which is literally my life, my child and my original idea. The Dark forest is more The Vampire Diaries vibe.
Welcome to my Trilogy, I'll be publishing 2 pages every other day. Here's a little back of the book for you.
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"There's a forest and a boarding school located in a small town called Forstfer. From the view of strangers, the forest is ordinary, but the town knows it hides a secret. Once inside no one has ever walked out, and some that have, have been said to have changed forever"
Amber is a 16-year-old teenager who gets shipped off to a boarding school in forstfer due to her of her "unacceptable" behavior. Where one day she is tempted to sneak into the forest by her new found friend. Amber discovers that there is much more inside the forest than she could have ever imagined and her role is much more significant than she would have ever liked.
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I'll be posting the pages below, so stay tuned...
PS I've never given much thought to the name so I may end up changing it.

Forstfer: The Dark Forest Trilogy

Book 1.