I have only been on WeHeartIt for a few months. Over that time I have written a few articles and posted several photos off of Pinterest that have made it onto the discover page. One might not see that as an accomplishment but it is to me. I've had this idea for a month or so and would love to share it with you. Without further ado let's jump into it.

My Tag

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Man, My Tag sounds so weird too say (and write).

Okay, so my WeHeartIt tag will be called Word of the Season. I already made a collection about it:

But I haven't hearted anything to it.

If the tag becomes successful than I will post every Word of the Season tag that you guys have made on the collection along with words. Really, I hope this tag becomes successful. Hopefully you guys will like it and bear with me here. About starting my tag that is what the next thing is about.


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The Word of the Season Tag has the word tag in it. So does Autumn Tag and Dream Life Tag, that's all what tags are about, tagging.

As I mentioned before, I am new to WeHeartIt therefore I don't know a soul on here. In order to get people to do the tag or at least acknowledge it I need to tag people. If you want to be tagged than message me.

I will take around five people to tag. On Friday, November Second I will post the first tag and tag some people to do it too. The last day is Halloween.

When you can do it

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The second after I post my tag you will be able to do it. Once again, that will be on the second of November.

What it is

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It is pretty much the name. You can choose any season: Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer even if it isn't that season. On the tag will be any word you choose and associate with the season. It doesn't have to be an English word or one someone else would get. Just the thing you think about when you think of the season. After that will be the meaning of the word and why you choose it. Those are the main things you have to do and than you can do whatever is appropriate and suitable for the tag.

As a sneak peek into my one I will be doing in November:



As Google puts it it is a Danish word used when acknowledging a feeling or moment, whether alone or with friends, at home or out, ordinary or extraordinary as cosy, charming or special.

It is a Danish way of living that is all all about comfort and loved ones.

Danish Hygge translated into English is fun.

I hope you found this interesting and will check it out when the tag comes out and maybe even do it. If you are interested in getting tagged than please do tell me.

, xoxo Katherine

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