DEAN _ instagram
"I realized that I've been on Instagram whenever I get the chance. Even when I don't have a good reason, I habitually get on Instagram. The thing is, I often felt depressed when I got on Instagram, I follow people I look up to and people that I like, compared to those people, I feel infinitely small and lacking and see how many pretty, handsome and cool persons there are on Instagram. I kept comparing myself to them and seeing my friends going to cool places while I was worn out from working in the studio."
I felt like I was a lonely island placed away from all those people.

black and white, kpop, and sad image
'These days, knowing more makes you miserable'

EPIK HIGH _ love story (with IU)
This song is about a break up. Recalling about all those moments spent together and thanking the person who you used to love for making the you a main character in a love story.

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'When I look back, it makes my heart rip apart. But all of it were classic scenes'