Being a full-time college student and having a part-time job is not easy. Struggling between homework and getting to work on time. If you are in school and have a job just know that school is your number one priority. Here are some tips on how to balance school and work.

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If you commute to school and work make sure to bring all of your reading assignments and read on your way to work or school. Take advantage of all of the extra time you have.
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While on break or even in between classes take out your notes and review them before class. Also, begin on some of your homework for the next class.
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If you have too much homework to do and you feel like you're really close to having a breakdown take a day or even a week off from work and have a spa day while also catching up with all of the homework you missed.

That is all, for now, I hope this helps anyone who is struggling and I hope things get better for everyone.