Name : Kim-so Mona
stage Name : old MK new Mona
Nicknames : MiMi / Cream angel
Birth Date : 19-12-1999
Nationality : half Korean half american
Languages: Korean - English - Spanish - German - French and lil bit of Arabic
Sexuality: Str8
Favorite color: Black grey and white
Favorite food : burgers pizza and noodles
Exes : Had one ex before training
Position: Visual - Leader - Lead dancer - Lead Rapper - sometimes Vocal
Known Image : sexy but still cute


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weight :50Kg
Eye color: Light Brown
Hair : Long Brown most of the time Dyed Black
Extras : Dimples

Solos :

Blow Your Mind
Devil Herself
Strawberries And cream

Debut group album:

heaven, blue, and clouds image
name: Heaven

vibe : 3 sad songs/ 4 Upbeat /3 rap songs / 1 diss / 3 Solos

Date : 1-1-2018


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sheets/Sad/all the group
Temporarily removed
Temporarily removed Image removed



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Drawing /Playing Music

Some of Her drawings

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