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Can you relate to that strange feeling when a memory of the dream you have forgotten just flashes right back at you when you touch a certain object or hear a certain phrase, and you just zone out, completely leaving the reality behind? You’re back in your dream, the dream a few seconds ago you could testify you never had.
As my hand brushes the staircase I can see it all flash right before my eyes. The same dream I’ve seen for a week now comes back again. The flash reminds me that I’ve seen it last night, yet again. Just like star-crossed lovers, we keep losing each other, yet our love is written in the stars. We meet every night, just to forget one another when the morning comes. But, we can never be separated, and the dream always comes back to me, or maybe I come back to it.
In my dream I’m chasing a pitch black wolf through the forest, a forest I’ve never seen before in my life. It’s twilight, almost dark. The water splashes beneath my feet as the weight of my breath increases. My foot gets caught between the rocks and the momentum I’ve gained launches me forward.
In other words, I fall on my face. Once I look up, the pitch black wolf is staring right at me, its face just inches away from mine. There is no fear, my heart is still.
I stare into its eyes as it stares back at me. The gaze feels familiar as if it’s someone I’ve known my whole life. Like family.
Finally, I look around, that’s when my heart starts pounding. We’re surrounded by a pack of wolves. The forest is gone, replaced by a cliff. The black wolf moves back to take his place among the circle of wolves. For a second they all stare at me, then they look up at the full moon and start to howl all at once.
I wake up.

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That’s how it goes each time.
My hand finally reaches the end of the staircase rail and I jump over the remaining stairs.
“Amber” my mothers' criticism immediately follows. She hates when I do it, she always says I’m going to break the floor one day or break myself. The second one seems more appealing today because today is the day I’m getting shipped off.
Boarding school! For real? How 2010 Nickelodeon TV show is this.
As I sit down at the dinner table groaning as loud as I can, my phone lights up.

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💬 Message from: MA Ride O Die 69 “Miss U already!! Hey, u sure u don’t wanna go forth with our kidnapping plan? U could hide in my basement, we’d decorate it.”
Remembering yesterday's conversation with Jackie makes me chuckle. We had made a plan that she would kidnap me before I get on the plane and then I’d live in her basement until we rob the bank and take off to LA using the money to found a TV show starring us as two clumsy and spies. This what I love the most about friendships, you get to discuss all the crazy plans that you could have never made with anyone else.
I write back.

💬 “Miss U too, I’m gonna be back for the holidays tho. I’ll bring you a souvenir, just promise me you won’t have too much fun at Nicks parties without me”

💬*Message from: MA Ride O Die 69* “Boo! Parties will ** without you”
“Amber” My sister's voice pulls my attention back to the breakfast table.
“I’ll miss you” she spits out as she runs over to hug me, knocking the breath right out of me.
“I’ll miss you too Allie” I whisper patting her hair while giving my mom see what you’re doing look. “Think about the bright side though, you’ll get to make my room into a library for your books”
My parent’s say nothing until I’m finally about to walk through the plain gate.
“Amber, I’m not doing this because I don’t love you” She blurts out irritated, despite how much I want to explode, the hopeless look on her face gets to me.
“I know”
“Remember if anyone makes you angry, use the family method, poop in their oatmeal”
“Derek” My mother exclaims in embarrassment, but I laugh. It has always been our Father daughter joke.
“What? I’d give her an ax but I don’t think they will let her take it on a plain” my dad chuckles and I burst.
What comes next is a step into my future or multiple steps and a few baggage and identity checks.

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“You haven’t heard about the forest? It’s famous” my cab driver exclaims after I say I have no idea what Forstfer is so special for “the forest covers ⅔ of the town, and no one has ever walked out, once they sent in a team of officers to find out what was happening, the next day their bodies were found at the entrance, the throats ripped apart. Though too precisely to call it a wild animal, and which animal would take time to drag the bodies out eh? It just doesn’t make sense, it’s as if something wants us to keep out.”

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