Hi everyone ! It's my first article so i hope that you will enjoy it ! :)

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1- First thing you wash in shower ? My legs becouse I have a bath so my legs are drenched when I coming into the bath
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2- Which colour is your favourite hoodie ? Beige
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3- Whould you kiss the last person you kissed again ? It was my mother so of course ! Unfortunately I don't have a boyfriend so...
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4- Do you plan your outfits ? Yes. I plan outfit in every evenning.
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5.- How are you feeling right now ? I'm tired becouse I'm working out at the moment.
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6- What is the closed thing to you that is red ? My economy book.
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7- Tell me about your last dream. I was a young girl which was kidnapped. It was really terrifying !
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8. Did you meet anybody new today ? No, I was on one lesson today and I went home immediately.
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9- What are you craving right now ? I don't want to gain weight becouse I eat a lot of sweets these days.
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10- What comes to your mind when i say CABBAGE ? Bigos - is a traditional Polish dish consist in a lot of cabbage, meat, sausages and tomato.
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11.Are you emotional ? Yes I am very nervous and sensitive, I think that is my huge disadvantage.
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12- Hve you ever caunted to 1000 ? No, but I always counted to hundred when I can't sleep.
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13- Don you bite your ice cream or just lick it ? Just lick it becouse i have very sensitive teeth.
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14- Do you like your hair ? Once i thought that ma hair are ugly. But now I think that my blonde curly hair are very beautiful and it is my the biggest advantage !
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15- Do you like youself ? It depends. Sometimes i think that i am beautiful, smart, funny and the best... but sometimes that i'm ugly and nogt cool...
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16. Whould you go to dinner with George W. Bush ? I'm not American so I don't know a lot of things about USA's politic but He is famous and rich... so I will go with him to the most expensive restaurant and I will let him pay for me ! ;)
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17. What are you listening right now ? Nothing I watch tv : Masterchef exactly.
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18. Are your parents strict ? No ! My mum is the nicest person I've ever know and I love her so much ! My dad also isn't strict but he is very mean what is irritating !
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19. Whould you go skydiving ? Yes ! It is one of my dreams and I would like to do it with someone I can trust and love,
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20. Have you ever meet the celeb ? Yes. Many volleyball and football players also athlets :)
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21. Is there anything sparkly in the room you're in ? No but I have lights next to the photos on the wall
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22.How many countries have you visited ? Many but only in Europe.
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23. Have you made a prank phone call ? No, I think it is stupid and childish.
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24. Do you own a gun ? No. In Poland a gun is not for all.
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25. Are you sarcastic ? Yes but only in jokes and for people who I don't like.
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26. Have you ever slapped someone ? I think yes but only in chilhood.
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27. Do you have a job ? No, I'm a student right now but earlier I was a waitress in vege bar !
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28. Are you happy ? I think I am :)
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29. Favourite body part ? Eyes ! From eyes you can read everything !