bonjour hearters!
so i love listening to music and i really wanted to share some good songs with u all and i thought why not write an article about it and i hope u like it!

1. Self Care - Mac Miller

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malcolm james mccormick left this world too early.

2. Passionfruit - Drake

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i love the soft tropical sort of vibe in the music.

3. Flashing Lights - Kanye west

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kanye honestly makes amazing songs and u should definitely listen to this one.

4. Safe and Sound - Taylor Swift

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i love listening to old songs.

5. breathin' - Ariana Grande

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ariana's songs are always bops.

6. Promises - Calvin Harris ft. Sam Smith

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the best duo.

7. Young blood - Bea Miller

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beatrice miller is so underrated and i love her.

8. All I want - Kodaline

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i love both of the music videos.

i hope u enjoyed reading my article as much as i enjoyed making it, hope u have an enchantingly lovely day, ilyy!

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