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It has been so long since I've written an article. So I decided to be a part of the If i were tag.
I have no idea who started this, so if you guys know just drop a message and I'll give credits.☺️

A flower

Anemone ~ On a darker note it indicates fading hope and a feeling of having been forsaken. But, on a positive note, it symbolizes anticipation.

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A color

Black ~ It is the color of the hidden, the secretive and the unknown, creating an air of mystery. It keeps things bottled up inside, hidden from the world.

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A season

Winters ~ Being a bit of an introverted homebody. Wearing a warm sweater and curling up on the couch with a book and escaping the cold can be my idea of an ideal afternoon.

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A tattoo

A simple star ~ Stars is the symbol of truth and hope as they are the light which shines in the darkness. They encourages us to fight against the darkness and gives us a hope of new, better path. A star tattoo is especially more meaningful to the people who have gone through tough times in their lives.

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A song

Laughing on the outside by Bernadette Carroll ~ ♫ "No one knows it's just a pose, pretending I'm glad we're apart. But when I cry, my eyes are dry. The tears are in my heart"
This song has literally touched my soul and it denotes my life right now.

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A drink

Tequila ~ In Spanish it means "I don't remember doing that", which is exactly what happens after drinking it. The problem with tequila that makes me love it is that it begs to be drunk straight even when you already have to lean on the bar to stay upright.

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A quote

One day you will be glad you didn't give up ~ This quote makes me want to keep moving forward in my life even when things are keep pulling me back.

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A book

One hundred names by Cecelia Ahern ~ This book is like a life lesson, to find happiness even when you're life is at the worst point. To be happy and succeed in what you love the most, and prove everyone else wrong.

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A boy

The loyal one ~ An emotionally and mentally stable one who can handle me and my mood swings at all times. Is completely loyal and trustworthy.

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A feeling

Excitement ~ Being so overwhelmingly happy that you could piss the rainbows and forget about all your sorrows, even if it was for a split of a second.

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A time of the day

11:11am|pm ~ I always find myself wishing whenever it is 11:11 on the clock. Even if it doesn't come true, it feels right to wish for small little things that make me happy.

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♡ I love you all xoxo

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