hello guys welcome back <3

this article is about my personal wishlist. maybe you can find inspiration for christmas (i know it's only october:) )

first things first are these boots

biker, black, and boots image
i really like the straps and the silver ornaments withe the zipper in the front

second thing is this big pillow

comfy image bed, sleep, and home image
they look so damn comfortable i just want to lay down in them and read my books and drink some tea

thirdly is a maneki-neko

cat, decoration, and house image
these cute looking little cats are statues from chinese legends they let good things happen and keep away the bad things and i love cats they are my fav animals <3

n°4 is tea

tea image
i love tea i literally drink so much tea i take it with me to school and after school i brew a pot of tea

last but not least is mugs for my tea

Temporarily removed stars, cup, and moon image
look how pretty the heart shaped are and the big mug perfect for rainy evenings with a book

thx for reading, hope you enjoyed it.
have good day
and always remember be kind <3<3<3