Day 29: Write about Three Projects for next month

The end is drawing near for our 30 day writing challenge, and I am getting ready to start sharing more than what the challenge guidelines tell me to, despite the fact I have altered the heck out of it. So today, I will share three projects I hope to accomplish in the next month, and, honestly, I am struggling with doing so because I am not one to set goals and this feels like just that. But alas, this 30 days has been making me think outside the box and push myself so here we go again.

Receive Income

Okay, so currently I am unemployed and I am not in college nor do I plan to attend college, so I have thrown my entire life into writing and this blog. With this being said, I have not received any kind of income in about two months. Now, I am a young child of the 21st century with strong opinions, so I am trying to find income without getting an actual job. This is the stupidest thing I have ever decided to do; however, I believe that college isn't needed for a "successful job" so unless my mother starts to get sick of me, I will refrain from getting a job and will continue to write and blog and try out all the new forms of 'work' that is available to us now with the internet.

Win a Contest

So, in my search for income, I have started writing short stories for contests trying to win money. I have yet to win a single one. So, in the next month I hope to win at least one writing contest. Even if I don't win money, I want to at least win one to know my writing is at least good. I think I've entered three or four by now and I haven't won. I also found a blog that does weekly contests, the prize isn't money, but it is to be published on their blog which means people read it, which also means I will have inspiration to continue.

Better My Writing

So, as you all know if you read my posts everyday, I have only recently started writing again. So, I want to spend the next month doing the same thing I have this month, bettering my writing. I started this 30 Day writing challenge to practice writing because it was a set schedule on what to write about and when to do it, and now that I am almost done with it, I feel like I have honestly improved my writing or at least improved my wanting to write. I used to get up in the morning lost and sad because I don't have anything to do and I don't want to do anything, but now with this blog, I wake up thinking about the topic of the day and what I will share. So, this month I want to focus on making my writing better. This past month was quantity over quality and next will be quality over quantity. It's a learning process.

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today was a pretty boring article and i apologize for it, but we are nearly done with this challenge and the articles just get better from here.