HI again everyone. I was inpsire to do this article by two challenges: Kpop Tag and 30 days. Its really fun to find and doing this challenges so i will stop talking and start!

I already did it and you can find it on my page but I will leave it here if you are interested

1- Favorite Kpop guy group/s

Image by ~mar_2001~ JB, mark, and bambam image nct, nct u, and nct 127 image kpop, winner, and yg image Image by SuDak_Neo 💙💚🍑 kpop and SHINee image
BigBang, GOT7, NCT, WINNER, Super Junior & SHInee

2- Favorite Kpop girl group/s

gif, lisa, and rose image 2ne1, gif, and 2ne1 gifs image Image removed glam, kpop, and bighit image
Blackpink, 2NE1, Twice & GLAM

3- Your ultimate Kpop guy bias

bb, big bang, and seunghyun image
Seungri from BIGBANG

4- Your ultimate Kpop girl bias

blackpink, rose, and kpop image

5- Any other Kpop guy biases

handsome, eyes on you, and jackson wang image Image by | inactive | bts, kim namjoon, and namjoon image Image removed daesung, bigbang, and daesung bigbang image
Jackson, Heachan, Namjoon(RM), Xiumin & Daesung

6- Any other Kpop girl biases

Temporarily removed sunmi image 2ne1, aesthetic, and beautiful image
Lisa, Sunmi & Bom

7- Favorite Kpop song by bias guy group/s

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Monster by BigBang
gif, jackson, and JB image gif, jackson, and JB image
Lullaby by GOT7

8- Favorite Kpop song by bias girl group/s

Image removed gif, signal, and twice image
Signal by TWICE
gif, lisa, and rose image blink, gif, and girl group image
Playing With Fire by BLACKPINK

9- A Kpop song that makes you cry/sad

drama, kdrama, and dorama image drama, kdrama, and dorama image
I love you, I'm sorry by ALI (Angry Mom ost)

10- A Kpop song that makes you smile/happy

gif, kpop, and pentagon image gif, yg, and bigbang image
Shine by PENTAGON & FXXK IT by BigBang

11- Favorite Kpop dance

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
aesthetic, gif, and kino image gif, pentagon, and naughty boy image
Naughty Boy by PENTAGON

12- Favorite Kpop MV by both girl and boy bias groups

2ne1, kpop, and lollipop image Temporarily removed
Lollipop by BigBang&2NE1

13- Favorite Kpop MV

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Black White by ZTAO

14- First Kpop song you heard

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image by tanya
Fantastic baby by BIGBANG

15- Kpop group/soloist you dislike/hate

Image by Kiki Zelaquete
Maybe KARD. I like some of their songs they are good but doens't make me to stan them. Idk I don't like the group that much sorry

16- A Kpop idol you wish was your older brother

key and SHINee image
KEY from SHInee. I would like to learn how to cook from him he is the one who cooks for the group when they are together and I love his fashion

17- A Kpop idol you wish was your older sister

sunmi image
SUNMI. I would love if she was my big sister and learn from her. She is so beautiful and funny

18- A Kpop idol you wish was your younger brother

nct 127, haechan, and idol image
Haechan from NCT. He is so pure and just want to have fun and cause some trouble. I would do my best to protect him

19- A Kpop idol you wish was your younger sister


20- Favorite pictures of favorite Kpop guy group/s

bigbang, kpop, and seungri image winner, mino, and jinwoo image kpop and superjunior image Image removed

21-Favorite pictures of favorite Kpop girl group/s

black, lisa, and pink image kpop, twice, and girl image 2ne1, kpop, and CL image

22- Most underrated Kpop artist/group member

glam, kpop, and bighit image glam, kpop, and bighit image
For me its GLAM the first and last group of BigHit. I know they are disband but they have really good songs
asian, asian boy, and boy image
And my baby jeon Sewoon. He debute last year but he has a voice of a angel and the songs are so beautiful

23- Favorite cover by Kpop artist of american/english song

Image removed
Creep cover by Chanyeol. My friend @CosmicUniverse show me this and I love it. Its really beautiful

24- A Kpop song you never get tired of

Ring Ding Dong by SHInee

25- Best Kpop song for dancing to

elf, eunhyuk, and oppa image Image removed
Oppa Oppa by Super Junior D&E
Temporarily removed amazing, anime, and guy image
Ring Ding Dong by SHInee (Looks dark but believe me)
Temporarily removed isaac, kpop, and sunghyun image
Sorry for my english by IN2IT

26- Favorite hairstyle on Kpop guy

Image removed
GD with green hair is gold

27- Favorite hairstyle on Kpop girl

rose, blackpink, and kpop image
I love all Rose hairstyles but this red hair its one my favorites

28- Favorite Kpop bromance

super junior, yesung, and eunhyuk image
The Tom and Jerry of Super Junior. They are so funny when they are together and because of that sometimes they look like a married couple XD

29- Kpop artist you look up to

I actually dont know. All of them 0u0

30- Kpop idol with the best smile

seungri, bigbang, and the great seungri image rm, bts, and rap monster image
The heart smile(Seungri) and smile with dimples(RM) UWU
kpop, Jonghyun, and SHINee image

And that is the end. i hope you enjoy it. See you all in next article.
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